• 币章专委会主要职责是通过吸纳我国在币章专业领域的高端人才,开展中外币章艺术交流与研究,推动中国币章艺术的发展及设计铸造水平的提高,提升中国币章的国际影响力,发挥业界高端引领的作用。
  • 中国钱币学会币章艺术专业委员会于2015年10月成立。是专门从事币章学术专业领域活动的全国性社团组织,接受中国钱币学会、中国金币总公司业务指导和监督管理。
  • 螳螂即象征了勇敢潇洒、活力四射。
    此纪念币以螳螂作为主题,取金玉满螳堆长廊之意,音近“金玉满堂”也是拥有者本身大富大贵的体现。 花好月圆也有富贵之意,比喻生活美好圆满。
  • 皮影戏诞生于两千多年前的西汉,又称羊皮戏,极盛于清代的河北。皮影戏是一种基于表演人思维的傀儡艺术,被世界各国的博物馆争相收藏,同时也是中国政府与其他国家领导人互相往来时的馈赠佳品。
Coin & Medal Art Committee of China Numismatic Society
Coin & Medal Art Committee of China Numismatic Society (hereinafter referred to as CMAC) was founded in Nov.2015. CMAC is a nation-wide corporative organization to engage in affairs of academic and professions fields of medallion, and subjects to the guidance, supervision and management of China Numismatic Society and China Gold Coin Incorporation.

In the principle of carrying forward Chinese medallic art, through carrying out communication and research of medallic art domestically and internationally, CMAC intends to push the development of Chinese medallic art and the improvement of designing and casting capability, enhance the international influence of Chinese medallion, and play a bridging role in spreading excellent traditional cultures.

Members of the CMAC are groups and professional talents that have made remarkable contributions in nation-wide field of medallion, art colleges, collection and study, have made great accomplishments in the field of the designing, casting and appreciation of the medallic art, have achieved prominent results in the field of the research, collection and sales of the coin and medal, and have large influence on industry and local. It also has set up Standing Committee and Secretariat.

The main tasks of the CMAC include: to launch research on medallic art and the casting techniques domestically and internationally, to strengthen friendly exchanges and professional communication among medallic art academy societies, specialists and scholars, to promote the improvement of artistic quality of medallic artists and collectors, to organize awarding activities of excellent medallion at home and abroad, to recommend excellent medallions to related domestic and foreign institutions, to show the elegance of Chinese medallic art to the world, and to spread Chinese medallic culture.
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