• 银币:紫禁城建成600年2公斤圆形银质纪念币 背面设计:张玉华 背面雕刻:周卓 制作单位:沈阳造币有限公司
  • 普通纪念币:世界文化和自然遗产——泰山普通纪念币 图稿设计:正面:董慧珍、朱熙华、张长明、吴英昌 背面:张长明、朱熙华、刘洪鹏 浮雕设计:正面:张长明、廖博、常欢 背面:廖博、张长明、常欢 制作单位:中国印钞造币总公司
  • 创意设计:2020吉祥文化3克心形金质纪念币 正面设计:李飞 背面设计:张玉华 正面雕刻:姜茜茜 背面雕刻:王文栋 制作单位:上海造币有限公司
  • 工艺制作:2020吉祥文化8克金4克银圆形双金属纪念币 正面设计:李飞 背面设计:张磊 正面雕刻:李震凯 背面雕刻:鲁丹叶 制作单位:上海造币有限公司
  • 纪念章:鲁迅美院纪念铜章 图稿设计:李象群 浮雕设计:李象群 制作单位:沈阳造币有限公司
  • 金币方面 设计:正面:李飞;背面:王文栋 雕刻:正面:李震凯;背面:田晓斌 制作单位:深圳国宝造币有限公司
  • 银币方面 设计:背面:陈彦文 雕刻:背面:钟承辛 制作单位:深圳国宝造币有限公司
Coin & Medal Art Committee of China Numismatic Society
Coin & Medal Art Committee of China Numismatic Society (hereinafter referred to as CMAC) was founded in Nov.2015. CMAC is a nation-wide corporative organization to engage in affairs of academic and professions fields of medallion, and subjects to the guidance, supervision and management of China Numismatic Society and China Gold Coin Incorporation.

In the principle of carrying forward Chinese medallic art, through carrying out communication and research of medallic art domestically and internationally, CMAC intends to push the development of Chinese medallic art and the improvement of designing and casting capability, enhance the international influence of Chinese medallion, and play a bridging role in spreading excellent traditional cultures.

Members of the CMAC are groups and professional talents that have made remarkable contributions in nation-wide field of medallion, art colleges, collection and study, have made great accomplishments in the field of the designing, casting and appreciation of the medallic art, have achieved prominent results in the field of the research, collection and sales of the coin and medal, and have large influence on industry and local. It also has set up Standing Committee and Secretariat.

The main tasks of the CMAC include: to launch research on medallic art and the casting techniques domestically and internationally, to strengthen friendly exchanges and professional communication among medallic art academy societies, specialists and scholars, to promote the improvement of artistic quality of medallic artists and collectors, to organize awarding activities of excellent medallion at home and abroad, to recommend excellent medallions to related domestic and foreign institutions, to show the elegance of Chinese medallic art to the world, and to spread Chinese medallic culture.
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